Friday, June 6, 2008

Johny Mac on Nadal (on clay): Day 13 part 1

Last night I watched Johny Mac talk about the French Open with Bill Macatee & friends on the Tennis Channel. Mcenroe, in my opinion, has blossomed into an incredibly good tennis journalist. He is passionate about todays game just as he was passionate about his own game.

Here is the quote that I just had to repeat:

"It's almost see Nadal get beat."

He was referring to Rafa's 26-0 record in his career at Roland Garros. It will indeed be a tough task for Novak Djokovic today in the men's semifinal match.

It is about to air on NBC. It's already been played but I've resisted the temptation to check the website. This could possibly be one of the greatest struggles that men's tennis has seen in a long time. Then again, it could be another quick hunt and kill for Rafa on clay, at Roland Garros.